Models of the Week!

“Grooming” isn’t just about cleanliness. It’s about maintaining your dog’s physical health AND appearance. When they look good, they feel good.

At Eastlake Village Veterinary Clinic, we take pride in offering one of the finest pet grooming services in Chula Vista. Our dog and cat groomers offer premium, full-service pet grooming, plus top quality “peticures”. We are dedicated to giving your pet that extra special touch. We use only the finest shampoos and conditioners so your pet smells wonderful and feels clean for weeks. We also accessorize with bows, bandanas or fancy clips.

Don’t miss out! Book your pups next grooming appointment with us and treat them to a much deserved spa day! From stylish haircuts to pampering spa treatments, our grooming experts are here to make your furry friend shine brighter than ever before!