Lumps and Bumps

Dogs and cats of any age can develop bumps and lumps – either on the surface of the skin, under the skin or even under deeper layers of muscle.  These can be anything from a superficial skin tag to a more solid nodule or papilloma, or even a buried type of lesion such as an intradermal cyst or lipoma.

While most nodules or skin tags turn out to be benign, there are a few rare forms that can be of concern and therefore…they should always be checked.  There are simple, non-invasive tests that can be performed on skin masses (those lumps or bumps) that can give us important information about the cellularity – and help us figure out just what that thing is!

These tests are important, as they can help determine if there is a need for a biopsy or surgical removal vs. a more conservative approach (like monitoring things and making sure there are no major changes.) We need to confirm the diagnosis before we make any decisions though! Cancerous masses always need to be removed, whereas a cyst or lipoma is not usually life-threatening.  If the non-cancerous mass causes discomfort or annoyance for your pet, it’s probably best to have it removed.

So if your pet has lumps or bumps…please make an appointment!