Spin the Wheel and Win!

Feeling Lucky?

Give our “Wheel of Fortune” a spin to win discounts or prizes! But here’s the catch…if you win, you can only redeem your reward in person at our clinic – and it must be redeemed within 30 days, or the offer will expire! (Each prize can only be redeemed once.) If you’ve got friends with pets who live in the Chula Vista/San Diego area, be sure to share this page so they have a chance to win, too. Spread the love…everyone values saving money!

You could win:

  • 20% off a Dental Package for your pet (by appointment only)
  • 10% off an Office Visit (by appointment only)
  • 10% off Bravecto Flea Treatment for a dog or cat (prescription medication – by appointment only, or your pet must be a current patient)
  • 10% off a Nail Trim through our Pet Spa (stop by any time during business hours)
  • Free Bag of Dental Chews for a dog or cat (stop by any time during business hours)
  • Free Swag Bag of goodies for a dog or cat (stop by any time during business hours)

You have up to three chances to win. You can spin again next time you visit our site! Just enter your email again.

10% Off Visit
No prize
No Prize
20% Off Dental Pkg
Next Time
10% Off Flea Meds
10% Off Nail Trim
Free Dental Chews
No Prize
Free Swag Bag
Enter your email address and spin the wheel. This is your chance to win amazing discounts!

Our house rules:

  • If you win, you have 30 days to redeem your prize at our office. Simply print the email you receive (or show it to us on your phone).
  • We'll verify the date when you get here!
  • Unique Promo Codes can only be used one time.
  • If you receive a discount on a dental package or office visit, you must have/make an appointment to claim your discount (and we'll apply the discount at the time of payment.)
  • For Bravecto Flea Treatment discounts, your pet must be a current customer - OR make an appointment! We'll apply your discount upon check-out (it's a prescription medication.)
  • Discounts for Dental Chews, Nail Trims, or Free Swag Bags can be redeemed for walk-ins – so stop by any time we're open!