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We treat your pet like family.

We understand your pet is a member of your family and deserves only the best, individualized care possible. We offer the finest veterinary services – always with personalization and compassion for you and your loved one.

We’re committed to veterinary excellence.

Clients love our spotless facilities and fresh, clean atmosphere. We go the extra mile by providing heated pet beds – and our Pet Shuttle Service can even transport your pet safely to and from our clinic if you wish. We’ll even deliver your pet’s prescriptions and food right to your doorstep (within 15 miles of our clinic) as often as you need it!

We’re your one-stop shop when it comes to pet wellness.

Not only are we a full service veterinary clinic, we’ll also make sure your pet looks top notch in our Pet Spa & Salon! While you’re at it, you can also pick up a few supplies and treats for your four-legged friend.

Success Stories


We weren’t quite sure what breed Donna was when she was first brought in to us by a rescue. She had a terrible case of generalized dermatitis, that turned out to be a chronic demodectic mange with a secondary infection. The mites had completely destroyed her hair follicles and her skin was thickened, dry and full of yeast and bacteria.

Soon after the skin scrape that demonstrated numerous live and breeding mites, we initiated systemic treatment (internal medication) as well as topical creams and supplements. Eight weeks later, she was a new dog! She grew back a gorgeous coat and she was happy, playful and full of life.

The best part was that she was adopted to a forever home where she will be loved and cared for…for the rest of her life!

Donna truly got a new chance at a good life! We’re so happy we were able to help her thrive.


This little guy arrived in misery. He could not stop chewing and biting to the point that he was gnawing at his skin and causing open, raw, bleeding sores. He was diagnosed with Sarcoptic Mange. This mange causes excessive itching and severe, self-inflicted trauma. Dogs will not stop eating at their skin!  This condition is almost always associated with secondary staph infection – which adds to the severity of the disease.

Little Henry was quickly started on systemic (oral) and topical treatments, which included anti-itch medications, antibiotics, daily medicated baths and oral supplements.

He was also full of intestinal parasites which further suppressed his immune system. A proper deworming schedule was started… and three months later, he was a happy, bouncy, healthy little guy with amazing skin and a beautiful coat!


Lucy, was an adorable Min Pin that was suffering from horrible and chronic allergies. She had food allergies as well as severe pollen allergies.

She had been to different veterinarians that just kept treating her with antibiotics and steroids. Clearly she needed a different treatment. We concentrated on improving her overall health, clearing up her chronic ear infections and bad skin with topical ear medications and medicated mousse applications on her entire body.

We also started her on a very strict hydrolyzed diet with essential fatty acids – which are lacking in most dogs that suffer from allergies. We treated her daily with antibiotics, antihistamines and other topical and systemic (oral) treatments.

About 12 to 14 weeks later she actually looked like a Min Pin! What an amazing transformation! And Lucy is forever grateful for her new lease on life.

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Everyone feels energetic and at their best when they just stepped out of the salon. Even pets.

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You can’t
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Special thanks to the pet friendly businesses that have donated their services or have made significant contributions in our quest to help homeless animals. We highly recommend them!


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