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Our Clients Love Us!

  • My daughter and I are extremely happy with Dr. Bischel and her loving caring staff.
    Susana Collins
  • I have three cats, my fur babies, and I am very satisfied with the treatment they receive from Dr. B. Last month, my cat Malcolm became very sick late at night, (diarrhea, lethargy, no eating/drinking) and I called Dr. B's office first thing the next morning. They fit us in within two hours. My cat was already severely dehydrated so Dr B. recommended iv fluids and antibiotics. I was supposed to come back to pick up Malcolm that afternoon but could not because my husband needed our sole car. I asked if Malcolm could stay the night. Dr. B said it was no prob and did not charge a boarding fee. When I picked him up the following day he was already perkier and was back to normal within a few days. Every year we go out of town for XMAS and board our cats here. They don't mind that I call almost everyday to see how my babies are doing. This past week our water heater leaked in our apartment and the contractors said they had to come into our unit for repairs. I had nowhere to put the cats to keep them safe so I called Dr B. at 630pm and the receptionist said I could board all three cats the next morning, when the construction work was to begin, and keep them there as long as needed. Having strange men in my apartment freaks me out. My sanity stayed intact because I did not have to worry about my cats eating the drywall scraps or escaping through the front door that the contractors continually forgot to close. I love this vet and her staff because they put the health and safety of my cats first and they are always there when I need them. They don't kiss my butt, and I don't want them to. That is what my husband is for. 🙂
    Hessy W.
  • We've been going here for years, they're very professional and informative. They have excellent service and their groomers are amazing! Highly recommended
    Desiree J.

Our Friends

Special thanks to the pet-friendly businesses that have donated their services or have made significant contributions in our quest to help homeless animals. We highly recommend them!